Lift your head up high, girl!

Margaret Berger - Samantha

"I promise, give it some time and it will be all right...
We'll make it better..."

I discovered Margaret Berger at the Eurovision Song Contest (2013), where she represented Norway with the song "I Feed You My Love". Before that, she wasn't very well known as a singer or a songwriter outside Norway although she has a pretty impressive career in music ever since she placed second on the Norwegian Idol in 2004. Margaret Berger is also the music director of a radio channel in Norway (NRK P3)!

"Samantha" is the lead single of the album "Pretty Scary Silver Fairy" released in 2006. Both the lyrics and the melody are very powerful and quite outstanding for the year 2006. In fact, Margaret herself noted the edgy style of her songs by making a bold statement at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest second semifinal's press release. After being compared with Lady Gaga, she responded "Well, if you see my video <<Samantha>> from 2006, you'll see that actually Lady Gaga looks like me." I say she definitely has a point.  

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